Viet Xin's Story

Welcome to the world of Ancient Mountain Tea and Vietnamese Coffee. Our story begins with the days of crossing mountains and forests throughout the northern mountainous provinces to find delicious mountain tea, to the harvest seasons in the red basalt lands of the Central Highlands to select quality Coffee beans. It is the love for the "S-shaped land" and the passion and pride in Vietnamese agricultural products that have created Viet Xin - the brand of ancient mountain tea and Coffee from Vietnam.

Viet Xin's Factory

The Viet Xin factory has been systematically invested in with a large scale, modern machinery, equipment, and materials to meet high standards of quality and productivity. 

  • Size of 1500 square meters.
  • Large-capacity coffee roasting and grinding machines.
  • 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 filter bag packaging machines.
  • Meets hygiene and safety standards.
  • Skilled workers.

Ancient Mountain Tea

Ancient Mountain Tea is a delicious and "genuine" tea. It is harvested and processed by the ethnic people of the highlands, producing rare batches of tea with a gentle aroma, honey-like golden tea color, and a deeply sweet aftertaste.

The tea is brought to the Viet Xin factory and packaged in various formats: loose leaves, tea bags, pressed pellets, and pressed bars. In addition to traditional tea, Viet Xin has introduced a line of innovative herbal teas that are convenient and beneficial for health.

Vietnamese Coffee

Viet Xin coffee is pure roasted coffee, without any added flavors, fragrances, or other ingredients. The simple roasting and grinding process is just to awaken the flavor inherent in each coffee bean. This results in cups of coffee with a rich aroma, a robust and bitter true taste, a mild acidity, and a uniquely sweet aftertaste.

Viet Xin's Human

We are Vietnamese, with a passion for Tea and Coffee. We cultivate and nurture this passion daily. Along with integrity, creativity, and a desire to spread, Viet Xin has produced genuine Mountain Tea and Coffee products that are delicious and of high quality. 

Core values

Bringing Mountain Tea and Vietnamese coffee to the community.








The world of Ancient Mountain Tea and Viet Xin's coffee.